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Beta Announcement: We're testing our system through the facebook interface. You can connect with it directly and also install the new bookmarklet that points to it. The original system will continue running. In case we encounter an outage on the beta, please switch back to the old bookmarklet and everything will work exactly the same.

The Mafia Wars Scam Alert Service protects Mafia Wars traders on Facebook from the growing number of scammers we are witnessing in the game at the moment.

We are hearing of scammers with sophisticated scamming techniques preying on unsuspecting traders who just want to play a good, clean game.

And every day thousands of new players join Mafia Wars and a few of them are either new scammers or old scammers with new accounts.

How do you keep up?

This is where the "Scammer?" Bookmarklet comes in.
Once installed this bookmarklet will identify a scammer, right from their facebook profile page, before you go through with a trade and end up losing valuable resources to them. Click here to go to the bookmarklet install page.

Our database of scammers (both known and suspected) is updated every day and kept as current as possible.

Please note that in the interest of transparency and accountability all the scammers in our database are listed in at least one of these places - Mafia Wars Anti-Scammer Network, the Mafia Wars Counter Scammer Team and the Hanse Scammers List . If you find that a facebook profile shows up as a scammer but don't find it in any one of these sites please contact us on our group.

If you have been scammed you can report it here.

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