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7 Tips On Mafia Wars Trading

Here are a few tips to help you navigate those choppy trading waters safely and keep you away from them pirate flags!

Tip#1 "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Most scammers rely on the lure of their offer to trap you. The irresistible deal or a bargain is also what causes most unsuspecting traders to even accept the "Send first or no deal" diktat without protest. If they protest the Scammer will often cut loose and run, but 9 times out of 10, they don't. Because the deal is too good to pass up on. Aye, there lies the rub....

This is not to say, "Never go for a good deal" but that if and when you do, don't get blinded by it.

Tip#2 When in doubt, check their Mafia Wars Profile.

Does it show a far lower level player than you would expect? Are you thinking to yourself, "How does he have 500 blades? He's only level 50!". Your early warning system should kick in right about here.

Now check their inventory. Do they actually have the item they want to trade? No? Ask them about it and if they need to move the items from another account. Once they have done that, check again.

Tip#3 Big ticket items are best traded with a middleman.

There is almost no reason a clean trader will reject a middleman request especially if the items being traded are of high value or volume. If there is a fee involved try to split the damage. But, one of the best ways to ensure neither party gets scammed is to employ a middleman. There are lots of trading groups that provide these services pro bono.

Tip#4 The Trusted Path! Part 1 - "I'm a trusted trader!"

Scammers try to convince you that they are a trusted trader. They do that because once you accept that they are one, then you have no option but to send first. There's only one way to find out and it doesn't involve taking their word for it. Ask them for a link that proves they are one.

Tip#5 The Trusted Path! Part 2 - "But he is one!"

Do you see his name on the list? All lists link their trusted traders to their facebook profiles. Click on the link. Does it have the same name? The same picture? How about the profile id? Does that match as well?

If it doesn't, you've just encountered a scammer who has dressed up his profile to look like a trusted trader's profile, often a well known trader. When the trusted trader changes anything significant on their profile (like the picture or the name) the doppelganger instantly copies the change on their own profile. Smart, no?

Tip#6 "What if I get scammed?"

The first thing to when when you get scammed is to immediately save all records and transactions and proof of the scam on your computer. This means chat transcripts, screenshots and most importantly (because the scammer will promptly unfriend you and block you from accessing his/her profile) save his facebook profile.

Now you can report the scam with us on this site by clicking on the report link on top and visiting our facebook group and posting your report there along with the proof.

Tip#7 "Is my loot really lost?"

The short and painful answer is, "Yes".

But there is one thing you can do to try and get back at least a portion of your lost loot if not all. you can report the scam (along with proof, of course) with the Mafia Wars Counter Scammer Team on Facebook. This group of highly dedicated and experienced counter-attack specialists will do their best to recover your lost loot as much and as fast as possible. This really does happen.

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