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Beating the Trusted Path Scammer

A Trusted Path Scammer is one that replicates a Trusted Trader's profile or even that of a well-known trader. From the name to the picture and linked sites etc., everything resembles the profile of the real trader.

The scammer will also provide the original Trusted Trader's listing as proof (They are easily caught by traders who double check the profile link on the listing site, but a lot of them don't do that).

Having done this the scammer now makes you send your items first and the rest goes according to the scammer's normal SOP. Once he has all your loot he goes offline, unfriends you and blocks you from accessing his profile.

The Scammer Check Bookmarklet beats this type of scammer because it checks the id of the scammer, even if they've changed their profile link to their name or nick.

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