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Sending Loot in Hundreds

Nobody likes clicking on the Send Gift button if you have to send hundreds of items. Its not so bad if you are sending, say a hundred of three items, because you get to use the gift all button and you can turboclick it to send the items across in no time. But what if you have to send 300 of one item? Do you end up clicking on the send gift button 300 times slowly because there's a timer linked with that button?

You can use one of the several multi-gifters available from one of the great mafia wars tool makers in our Links page. Or you can ask the person you are sending the item to to add a boost in all the empty wishlist spots.

So if you are sending 200 Shtrumoviks and 200 Konstantin Cargo Carriers ask them to add a boost that you have (like a mutt or a motion detector, or add them both if you are sending just one item - at the time of writing this article, Mafia Wars allows only three items on a wishlist at a time. Now you can turboclick the gift all button to send all your loot across and the great thing is that the boosts don't get sent!

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